DrivePur: The Ultimate Car Cleaner

Kendall at the Idaho Center Auto Mall believes in providing our customers with a product that will keep their car, truck, or SUV clean in a powerful, eco-friendly way.

Studies show that vehicles are one of the unhealthiest environments you and your family are exposed to every day, even more so than public restrooms. Bacteria, mold spores, germs, mildew, viruses, pet odor, and infectious disease are just a few of the contributing factors to the overall air quality affecting you and your family’s health on a daily basis. The average car contains over FIVE times the Volatile Organic Compound rating allowed by the government for daycare centers. That’s 10 times more than the average household, all contained in the confines of our vehicles.

This is where DrivePur comes in. DrivPur is a water-based, environmentally friendly concoction that forms a long-lasting, invisible coating that actively protects surfaces from the buildup of organic matter on the inside of a car, including allergens, molds, germs, and harmful bacteria.

DrivePur works effectively and rapidly, without harmful chemicals, to naturally decompose ALL vehicles odors. Say goodbye to the odors from your smelly dog and cigarette smoke that have buried themselves deep in the fibers of your seats and carpet. Your driving experience will be like a whole new world.

Learn more about our 3-step process:

  • SMOKTM: Designed to eliminate cigarette and tobacco odors without damaging fabrics, materials, or hard surfaces.
  • SHOKTM: Designed to eliminate odors caused by tobacco smoke, spilled beverages, mold, mildew, kids, food, fish, and more.
  • PREVNTTM: Is a nano formulated surface coating that turns your car’s interior into a light-activated air scrubber.

If you want to learn more about our DrivePur Product or any of our other products, come meet with one of our team at Kendall at the Idaho Center Auto Mall and we will answer any questions you may have.

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