Kia & GM Dominate JD Power IQS

June 24th, 2016 by

What is JD Power IQS?

According to JD Power:

The study, now in its 30th year, examines problems experienced by vehicle owners during the first 90 days of ownership. Initial quality is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality.

Although vehicle manufacturers are ranked through the JD Power IQS, scores are not influenced by their competition.  Instead, JD power creates specific criteria each year to judge each vehicle against.  At the end, the scores are calculated across all vehicles each manufacturer produces.  The lower the score, the less problems, which suggests which vehicles have the highest quality upon leaving the production line.  We are happy here at Kendall Auto Mall to see U.S. Domestic automakers continue to make improvements and excited to see that our two main brands did exceptionally well this year.

A Continued Legacy for Kia & GM Evident in 2016 JD Power IQS

For the second year in a row, Kia places in the top for JD Power IQS (Initial Quality Score). This year was unique due to the fact that Kia out-ranked last years top score holder; Porsche. For the first time in 27 years, you can buy a non-luxury brand vehicle with more confidence than the leading luxury brands! Kia placed second last year in the IQS standings, so it is no surprise their continued effort on quality has payed off. Take a look at the chart below to see how your current vehicle manufacturer ranks among the vehicles we offer here at Kendall Auto Mall.

JD Power IQS

JD Power IQS

Kendall Auto Mall Proud to House A Large Selection of JD Power IQS High Scoring Vehicles

We are the a Kia dealer with a large selection of Kias on hand. If you’re hoping to find the right color, the right equipment, you can count on us to help you on your hunt.

Car MPV JD Power IQS

Car, MPV, JD Power IQS

GM who produces GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac placed high as well in the 2016 IQS. Chevrolet won first place for its segment in City Car (Spark), Large SUV (Tahoe), Compact SUV (Equinox).  Just read through the standings below.

SUV Pickup JD Power IQS

SUV, Pickup JD Power IQS

So why wait and continue driving a non-IQS vehicle?  Use the form below to learn more and get behind the confidence you deserve.

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